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In Machine Godz, the player has to give up a part of his abilities to progress as he completes the rooms filled with deadly traps and enemies. The more he will advance in those metallic corridors, the more the machine godz will take from him, leaving him less prepared to face the obstacles that stand before him !

After each room, the player will be given a choice about the mechanic he wants to sactifice. Each mechanic (Sword, Lasers and dash) has 3 tiers of power and will be weaker each time.


Controls :

WASD / Left Stick : Move

Right Click / Right Stick : Fire

Left Click / Right Trigger : Melee Attack

Spacebar / Left Trigger : Dash

Team :

Antoine ITURBIDE : Programmer

Vincent PERIGOIS : Game & Level Designer

Robert FARRAND : 3D Artist & Animator

Lucas LEPLAT : Jack of all trades

Aurélien MONTERO : Sound Designer

Install instructions

Just Unzip the file and have fun !


Machine Godz - Latest Version.zip 42 MB
Machine Godz - First Push 35 MB


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I really like the game. With the new update the game got easier, witch is good, cuz I suck at gaming. I would buy this game on steam if I could.

Thanks a lot ! We figured out that the game was way too hard straight from the beginning. Glad you liked the changes !
As for the steam version... it won't be out before a while, but we're on it !


Played this game during LD jam! One of my favorite submissions!

Thanks a lot ! :)